BetterLivingAndHome Bath & Body Products Opens 18th Dec’17.

I feel so delighted to announce that BetterLivingAndHome Bath & Body Products opens 18th Dec’17 on Etsy Shop Betterlivingandhome’s natural, luxurious & handcrafted products include Handmade artisan soaps, exotic roll-on aromatic oils,¬† face serums, body oils, massage oils to name a few.


All products handcrafted by BetterLivingAndHome are 100% completely natural and free from palm oil, synthetic fragrances, artificial coloring, SLS’s, parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients. All products are cruelty free and contain NO animal products making them 100% vegetarian.We never do animal testing and nor ask anybody to do it on our behalf.

Handmade Soaps at BetterLivingAndHome are made using the traditional cold process method in small batches to ensure quality and freshness in each bar of soap. The color in each bar of soap comes from natural clays like Kaolin Clays, activated charcoal, botanicals and herbs. We scent our products from 100% pure plant essential oils only, and never use artificial fragrances. Unlike a lot of commercial soap, the natural glycerin of the handmade soap is not taken out making it gentle and luxurious for the skin.

Our Body Oils, Face Serums, Roll-on aromatic oils are created with a blend of the finest plant based oils, pure essential oils and herbs to nourish & soothe your skin.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy our natural luxurious products. I am open to any questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with me. I love to communicate with people.

Warm Regards

Preeti, Owner of BetterLivingAndHome

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