Calendula Chamomile Coconut Milk Soap With Jojoba Oil


Calendula Chamomile – Coconut Milk Soap is a skin nourishing handcrafted bar of soap, gentle on all skins including those with sensitive skin types. Formulated with dried Calendula petals infused Almond Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil and Jojoba Oil. It is 100% completely natural, vegan and free from palm oil. Made using the finest plant based ingredients – Extra virgin Olive, Coconut Oil, Rice bran Oil, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Castor Oil, Almond Oil & Jojoba Oil.

Made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness in each bar of soap.

Coconut milk & Calendula petals in this soap are so soothing, and produces a luxurious lather beneficial for dry, sore & irritated skin.

These are sample size bars weighing between 3.5 to 4.5 ounces. Try these gentle bars that are mildly scented with Chamomile Essential Oil which has a very sweet calming aroma.  You can also custom order these, based on your fragrance preference Рmild or a little strong or fragrance free option.

All BetterLivingAndHome products are free from palm oil, preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors or any other chemical. We use only pure plant ingredients, pure essential oils, the color if added comes from herbs / botanicals / clays &  Milk, only organic, if added.

Stay Natural. Stay Healthy.





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