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FAQs about face serums. Why and how to use face serums?

Curious about face serums and why it is so popular everywhere now a days – after cleansing or exfoliating or before moisturizing or at night before bedtime?Do you also have many questions about applying  face serums on your face ? And what oils are good for the skin? Face serums comes in water base or […]

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5 Best Herbs To Prevent Hair Related Issues Naturally

Hair fall is a growing concern for most of us in today’s time. Blame it to the polluted environment, stressful lives or our eating habits. Cure by home remedies seems to be one of the most effective ways to treat it naturally.  Listed below are the 5 best herbs that can aid in reducing hair […]

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New Product Alert !! Chamomile Lavender Face Serum

Face serums are truly a remarkable natural way to keep your skin healthy and clear. Apply day or night on the clean face; it’s an oil your skin will love. Our Chamomile Lavender Face Serum is made with, incredibly soothing Chamomile flowers infused oils and Lavender Essential Oil.  This serum contains light weight, non-greasy and […]

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Beneficial Oils & Botanicals For Beautiful, Flawless Skin !

Some beneficial oils and botanicals for beautiful, flawless skin naturally. These oils will not clog your pores and make your skin break out. The below mentioned oils are very light weight, are absorbed quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue on your face. Argan Oil often called “liquid gold” is an extremely […]

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Peppermint Rosemary

Peppermint & Rosemary with white Kaolin Clay HandCrafted Soap. I just made this amazing soap Peppermint Rosemary and this scent combination is kind of wake me up. I am calling it as Kick Start, formulated with luxurious Avocado Oil known for its skin nourishing and moisturizing properties & Shea Butter which is another excellent skin-loving […]

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BetterLivingAndHome Bath & Body Products Opens 18th Dec’17.

I feel so delighted to announce that BetterLivingAndHome Bath & Body Products opens 18th Dec’17 on Etsy Shop Betterlivingandhome’s natural, luxurious & handcrafted products include Handmade artisan soaps, exotic roll-on aromatic oils,  face serums, body oils, massage oils to name a few. All products handcrafted by BetterLivingAndHome are 100% completely natural and free from […]

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